Bali Black 3mm Wetsuit

Bali Black 3mm

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One-Piece 3 mm suit without hood
  • Lycra collar for more comfort.
  • Back zip.
  • Velcro zip tab.
  • Wrist seal in "glideskin" neoprene for easier dressing.
  • Twin needle flat stitch.

Bering Black 7mm Wetsuit

Bering Black 7mm (1 piece)

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One-Piece 7 mm Suit with attached hood
  • Plush comfort black lining new.
  • Ankle, wrist and face seal in 3mm glide skin.
  • Protective spinal pad.
  • Kidney, shoulder & elbow pad.
  • Self venting hood.

Sharm Green Camo 3mm / 5,5MM

Aqualung logo Sharm Green camo 3mm / 5,5MM
The CAMO wet suit is designed for use in warm waters.
  • Thigh pocket (right or left), closed by a flap with a velcro fastener and with two 3mm drainage holes in the bottom.
  • Non-corrodable zip fastener on the chest.
  • Knee pads.
  • Ankle zip.
  • The suit is preformed and entirely non magnetic.