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CMP airline trolley

OPS Technologies offers a wide range of products, from professional diving equipment for both commercial and military use, to breathing air products, aviation life support equipments, and even custom projects to suit the customers' needs. Regardless of whether our customers need a mobile cascade system, or a whole breathing air refilling system, our team of senior engineers and experienced technicians who are in this field of work for over 20 years will be able to help them. Over the years, we have done and fabricated various unique products related to high pressure breathing air and also diving equipment.

Despite being located in Singapore, we have also done many overseas projects, including our most recent one in Macau. We are also ISO 9001:2008 certified, so you can rest assure that we are always doing everything to ensure the quality of our products meet or even surpasses international standards. Please do no hesitate to contact us for any enquiries or price quotations.