CMP Technologies was founded in 1991 by a group of engineers

With an aim to supply mechanical equipment and safety products to the oil & gas industries.

Today, we are part of a group of companies under OPS Technologies, the parent company of CMP Technologies Pte Ltd, CABA (Asia) Pte Ltd, and OPS Military (Asia) Pte Ltd. Also, we have expanded into the aviation and diving industry, supplying equipment to militaries and professionals in not just Singapore, but Asia as a whole. Our team of experienced engineers with a background in the diving and oil & gas industry will be happy to serve you and provide you with great service.

design & fabricate a system for our client needs

We are specialized in supplying high pressure compressed air & gas systems, life support, gas control, and diving equipment to government departments, oil & gas industries and major corporations in the region. On our clients’ request, we will also be able to design and fabricate a system to suit their needs, regardless of whether they need a mobile cascade system, or a whole breathing air bank system.

a team of senior engineers & experienced technicians in this field for over 20 years

we are able to design and fabricate a wide variety of safety and life support systems for industrial, offshore, and military applications.

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Mission Statement

To be the leading company in technological products and the most successful in the development of high pressure products.