Compressors and Booster Pumps

Manual Booster Pump

The Aqualung OPS Manual Booster (MOB) is an oxygen transfer pump, to decant oxygen from storage cylinder PN 200 into apparatus cylinders. One or multiple cylinders can be filled each time.


Air of Gas Electric Booster Pump

The AIR OR GAS ELECTRIC BOOSTER PUMP is a transfer pump, to decant gases from storage cylinders 200 to 300 Bar pressure into apparatus cylinders. The optional attached outlets can be one to four.


Single Booster Pump Refilling System

A SINGLE BOOSTER PUMP can be used to transfer and boost up the pressure to one or four cylinders. Either Air or Oxygen gas pump are available. For a more professional system with different working pressure and large refilling quantities of cylinders, an external control panel can be incorporated.


Twin Booster Pump Refilling System

The Twin Booster Pump System allows multi-gases and mixture gases transfer to application bottles for diving or mining apparatus. The pump can be programmed with optional PLC (Program Logic Control) system to run more efficiently. Coupled with Gas supply banks, and distribution panels, up to 6 types of Gases (single or mixture) can be hooked up and supply to apparatus of various application. A protection cage can be included to protect the operators from whips bursting, during refilling. Various types of design to suit different application can be custom made. Installation and Training are available from our group of experience Engineers and Technicians.