FROGS 18 is a 100% oxygen closed circuit underwater breathing apparatus (UBA) specifically developed for military divers.

FROGS is a ruggedly built UBA that is simple to operate and simple to maintain. High risk missions require the best tools available.

FROGS is recognized globally as the best shallow water/long duration rig on the market. FROGS will put you on target with the highest degree of safety.

FROGS 18 has a common frame as AMPHORA 18 so it can be transformed into AMPHORA with a transformation kit if a mission dictates it.




  • Non magnetic in accordance with STANAG 2897
  • Uses either granular or ExtendAir® solid CO2 absorbents
  • Can be chest or back mounted
  • Easy to maintain – very few repair parts
  • Excellent water trapping capability (600ml)
  • Demand valve adjustment knob to suit breathing comfort
  • Low Work of Breathing (WOB)
  • Hydrodynamic shape reduces drag and diver fatigue