The KODIAK 360 SAR features full wrap Captive Suspension Flex panels at the waist and thighs, providing maximum flexibility and comfort.

The KODIAK 360 SAR is perfect for teams that require drysuits that fit a wide range of divers with optimal performance.

Sizes available from M to 3XL.



  • Patented Captive Suspension Panel around waist and knees (Pat. #6,715,149)
  • Tough Multilaminate nylon material for drysuit body
  • Reflective SAR armband included
  • Two Matrix Base Plates and one Compak pocket are standard
  • Seal Lock Technology (SLT) system fitted as standard:
  • Round SLT wrist rings with replaceable Polytex wrist seals
  • SLT neck ring with replaceable Polytex neck seal
  • Air control knee pads and 7mm Neoprene Comfort Boots are standard
  • Includes internal suspenders, inflator hose, and drysuit bag
  • Includes relief zipper and attached 7mm Comfort Boots