MODE is a 100% oxygen closed circuit underwater breathing apparatus (UBA) specifically developed for clandestine use by SOF divers.

This UBA is one of the smallest, high performance UBA’s available yet amazingly simple, safe and robust.

The MODE is easy to dive and easy to maintain.

The MODE is a lightweight flexible apparatus enclosing all the components under a 1000 Denier Cordura fabric.

The MODE LD has an increased volume allowing to extend the duration of a dive.



  • Uses either granular or ExtendAir? solid CO2 absorbents
  • Can be chest or back mounted
  • Easy to maintain – very few repair parts
  • Low Work of Breathing (WOB)
  • Smart water trap specifically designed for the MODE LD
  • MOLLE protection bag in different colors (optional)

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ExtendAir, Granular