Omni Dive BCD

Your BCD created exactly for you that’s the Omni. This modular, jacket-style BCD with interchangeable parts gives you the freedom of multiple customizations to end up with the size and colour of your dreams. Choose everything with the Omni. Continue your customization by choosing from multiple accessory options and 6 colour kits. Colour kit not included, must be ordered to complete.



  • Style: Modular Jacket
  • Inflator: Powerline
  • Ditchable weight: All sizes 20lb/9kg
  • Non-ditchable weight: All sizes 10lb/4.5kg
  • Lift Volume (lbs/N) : S – 31/30, M – 36/160, L – 47/200
  • Modlock Connectors
  • Webbed Daisy Chain
  • GripLock Tank Band
  • Requires separate purchase of colour kit

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